New Feature: Job Market

Our first version of Job Market, a feature that will bring significant benefits to both staffers and managers within staffing agencies, has just been deployed.

So, why is a Job Market interesting for a temporary staffing agency?

Job Market for the Staffer

We recently completed a survey with promotional staff in the UK and Australia, asking them what they liked about the job market feature.  These were the main benefits as listed by active promotional staff:

‘Bookers in agencies tend to habitually book the same people, a job market has given me the opportunity to apply for all available jobs and exposed me more to the bookers’

  1. ‘I LOVE the transparency and the democratic application for work.  I apply for jobs that I want to do and those that I think I would be great at, it’s so much better than just being called with any type of work’
  2. ‘Hopefully the bookers can see which jobs I like to work on, and those I don’t, so that I don’t waste their time saying no to work’
  3. ‘I love being able to search for jobs within my area and would like to be able to look for work on my mobile when I’m free’
  4. ‘I feel like my agency is doing it’s best to find me work and I can see when jobs are suitable for me.  I no longer feel like I’m not being called’

Job Market for the Manager/Staffing Agency

The benefits of the job market for the agency itself are significant.  They include:

  1. Saving time: By scheduling a job and then publishing it to the market, staff apply for work, removing the need for managers to actively call/sms/e-mail staff for activity.  Managers can simply log in, review the staffer applications, approve the staff they want and book the job.
  2. Booking the best staff: Staff realise that they are competing for work and subsequently provide thorough applications including their motivation to work on the job, their relevant experience and their availability.  It is very obvious through staffer applications who to book.
  3. Less drop outs and late arrivals: The motivation of staff changes when they have applied for work rather than just being called and booked.  Having applied for a job, they are more committed.
  4. Greater database turnover: The job market ensures that managers aren’t booking the same staff over and over again.  The benefits of this are huge as you increase the experience of your staffers, learn more about your staff, understand which areas/skill sets you need to do recruitment, create greater brand advocacy as more staff are working for your agency brand.
  5. Saving money: By reducing down outbound booking, watu helps reduce time (phone calls and e-mails) and running costs (phone and SMS).

We will be reviewing usage and providing tips and ideas on how to best utilise Job Market in our upcoming newsletter.

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