Job Market: Building & Publishing a Job Advert

We’ve established that the job market is a feature that creates value for both staffers and managers in promotional staffing agencies.

The basic premise is:

1. Build job & publish to your job market.

2. Give staffers the opportunity to review all the work opportunities in their area, skill set & relevant experience.

3. Staffers pitch themselves for the opportunity filling your job basket with hopeful applicants, all who are keen to get involved and available.

4. Managers review all the applicants, reject applications that aren’t suitable and accept the very best staff.

5. Book staff. Job done.

So here’s a step by step guide on creating a job for the job market.

Click on the ‘Create new Job’ button.

Complete the job details (Title | Locations & Dates | Roles & Rates | Description). We’ve provided an example on the right for ideal format.

Publish or start booking  When you press save you have the option to publish the job to your job market (PUBLISH NOW) or add staffers to the job and keep it private.  The status of the job can be seen top right.

If you want to see the job details, simply click on the ‘Show job details’ button and the details appear along with a photo of the manager who created the job and when it was created.

This job took me about 2 minutes to set up (including proof reading).  We know that this isn’t scheduling of work, we’re working on that.
But in the meantime, this feature will help agencies book work by advertising opportunities to your work hungry staffers, many of whom will review the opportunities overnight and apply.  You can then come in to work in the morning, review the applications and book up the shifts with staff who really want to do the job.
We’ll follow this post up with a post on how staff apply and how you book them.  Until then…

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