Job Market: How Staff Apply

In our last post we showed you how you can quickly and easily write a job opportunity and post it to your job board.  This feature gives your staff community greater transparency on the job opportunities live in your agency and means that managers now have access to staff who are interested in the job, available, and engaged (people work differently when they’ve applied for a job rather than just being booked on one).

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is for staff to apply:

After a staff member has logged in, they click on Jobs to view all live jobs in the agency.

Any jobs that have been published by the manager (you can keep jobs private) appear to the staffer.  From here, they have two choices, either to apply, or to state that this job in particular is ‘not for me’.

By clicking on APPLY, staffers can view the full job details, provide the roles and dates that they are available for and press APPLY.

Once applied, staffers can view their applications in ‘My Jobs’ 

And can easily update their applications if their circumstances change.

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