Job Market: Inviting staffers to apply to your job

Whether your job has been published or kept private, you can invite staffers to apply for a job or book them on to a job directly (booking of staff will be reviewed in the next blog).  Why would you invite a staffer to a job?  Invitations apply when you’ve built a job in your database and have a great idea for staff who you think would be ideally suited for this particular job.  As you want them to apply (so that you can see their application and availability without calling them all), you make them aware of the opportunity by inviting them to the job.

This is how you invite staffers to a job:

Search for staffers.  In this case, we’re searching for ‘brand ambassadors’ living within ‘5 miles of London’

To choose your staffers, simply click on their cards and then the ‘Add to job’ button

Choose your job (a full list of all jobs appears) and then choose to either ‘invite to job’ or ‘book into job’ 

By picking a job, the invitation automatically includes all the job details which you can edit if you’re only inviting the chosen staffers to a particular role or dates.

When you’re inviting staffers, you have a choice to include an e-mail message & SMS, just an e-mail message, or no message at all (you may have spoken to them on the phone for instance).  Fields like names, job details, dates, manager name etc are all automatically completed by watu, saving you valuable time and ensuring that staff dont receive generic ‘dear all’ messages.

By reviewing their job boards, staffers can see which jobs they have been invited to apply for and can complete their application, including their availability and which roles they are suitable for.


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