Keeping tabs on your staff performance

Monitoring your staffer performance is a fundamental part of being a great staffing agency. After all, if you aren’t able to monitor the performance of your staff, keep up to date with their experience history, you’re essentially taking the same risk as putting new staffers on the field each time.

As part of this focus, this week we’ve released an update on notes and added a new staffer state. As before, you can create a note against any staffer, but now this has been enhanced so that you can now create a warning note:

By marking a note as a WARNING, the note is framed in red and remains stuck to the top of the staffers notes board so that any managers reviewing the staffer profile are aware of the note and who to discuss the note with.  We also include a WARNING below the staffers photo and contact details so that it is clear, regardless of which part of their profile you are in.

If the numerous notes and warnings have not resulted in an improvement in the staffers conduct, you can SUSPEND that staffer:

You do it simply clicking the ‘Suspend’ button above their profile. If that suspension results in a new and improved Karen, you can reset her status by simply clicking the ‘Mark as pending’ button and then re-accepting her. This can also be used if you accidentally approve or reject a staffer too.

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