Searching on notes

In all systems that handle information, once you have enough information, there’s only one way to handle it: search. We, humans, are handling more and more information every day. Today we couldn’t think of a mailbox that doesn’t support an amazing search system, yet before Gmail, that was the norm.

After we released notes, I wasn’t really surprised we got the question: can we search on notes? Yes, you can now search on notes:

Notice that it’s the same staffer search you already used thousands of times. At Watu we are working hard to not only make search possible, but also easy and intuitive. We have several exciting new improvements coming soon. Stay tuned!

A tip to search for staffers in different states

We recently released mass-messaging and you’ve been using it quite successfully. You can easily click on the Active link and message all your active staffers. But what if you want to message all your active and all your pending staffers in one go? You can always do it with two messages, but Watu is all about efficiency, so let me show you a trick.

Once you click on Active, you’ll get a search bar that says “State: Active”:

You can add more states to the search by typing either “state” or the name of the state you want and picking from the list:

Once you select a second state, you’ll get the results from both of them:

Everything else works as before, you can further narrow the search by adding more search criteria, mass-message, and in the future, maybe more actions too.

Mass message your staff

If you click on “active” you’ll notice something different in Watu today. The Message action is enabled even though no staffer is selected. This is new.

This is the number one requested feature for Watu and today it’s finally available to all users: mass mailing staffers.

If you click on Message without selecting any staffers you’ll get a slightly different message window:

In this example, message all 183 active staffers.

In effect, you are now able to message all of your ‘active’ staffers (staff that are approved and live in your database).  Mass mailing works for any search you run in Watu. For example, let’s search for staffers that like the color green:

Simply click on the Message link and you get a messaging popup showing you that you are about to send a message to staffers who have stated their favourite colour as green:

Since we don’t know whether you want to message everybody who likes green, regardless of state, we give you the option to pick staffers that are pending, rejected, suspended, etc.

Messaging is the only mass-action we have for now, but in the future there will be many more as we look to streamline the job of booking staff. Mass actions enable you to easily affect a lot of people making them a powerful action.  With this in mind, remember uncle Ben’s wise words:

with great power, comes greats responsibilities

Inviting staffers to a job

A wonderful new version of jobs is in the pipeline and some of you have seen it and fallen in love with it. We are working around the clock to release it, but in the meantime, we are also improving the current version of jobs that you are already using in Watu. You might be asking yourself, didn’t you already have a feature to invite staffers to a job?

Yes, we did have that feature, but our user studies showed that there was room for improvement. Thinking out of the box we were able to develop a more intuitive version of that feature. If you go the usual messaging window, you’ll now notice a new option:

From the template chooser you can now select to “Invite a staffer to a job”. If you do that, you’ll be asked to pick a job:

This will also change the contents of the message itself to use the invite-to-job template which, as you can see, will include a lot of information about the job:

We hope that in the future, as we add more features to Watu, there will be more options in there. Stay tuned!