Signing off on Job Dates

So, you’ve scheduled your job, booked your staff, big day comes, everyone shows up on time, the event goes wonderful and your client loves you!

Now what?

Well… You’ll have to pay all these people at some point for the marvellous job they did, and we wouldn’t want Watu to just decide to pay without some supervision, would we?

Introducing: Job Sign-offs!

After each date in each of your jobs, you will now need to review the allocated shifts to confirm whether everything went smoothly or not, and finally sign off so everyone can be paid what they are due. We’re not paying yet, just confirming everything went well, which is much nicer and faster to do every day in little nibbles, than having to look at thousands of shifts at the end of the month, trying to remember exactly what happened several weeks ago.

So, from now on, your welcome screen will let you know every day if you have pending sign-offs:

Don’t worry though, it’s going to be very little work. When everything goes smoothly, you don’t really need to do much, just give the page a glance and “Sign-off” at the bottom, and everyone is confirmed. Most days, it’s just one single click and you’re done.

In those rare cases when there’s a problem with a staffer, you click on their picture to expand, and edit as necessary:

  • Staffer didn’t show up? No problem, just flip that little blue switch, and they won’t get paid for this shift.
  • Did they break your contract terms? In seconds you can apply a fine.
  • Seriously misbehaved? Easily type up a note explaining the situation, and if it’s really serious, mark it as a warning so it shows up prominently in their profile, for you to be alerted in the future before booking them again.

Rating staff

From this page, you can also quickly rate how staffers did on this shift by simply clicking on the stars. You don’t need to do this, though, and in most cases you won’t, and everyone will get their default 3 stars, signalling that they did a good job.

Resist the temptation of giving everyone 5 stars! After all, if everyone gets 5 stars, no one will really stand out, will they?

The point of rating staffers is to let Watu know who underperformed, and who excelled. This is by definition for people that were out of the ordinary (in either direction). This will soon enable us to make your best staffers show up more often in searches, make better decisions and recommendations to you. However, if everyone has 5 stars, we can’t really differentiate them much.

Really, give it a try, just leave everyone with 3 stars unless they were extraordinarily good. Trying to give everyone 5 stars will leave you tired of so much clicking, and won’t be usable information  for ranking.

Unbooked shifts

There is one final thing that we need to bring to your attention when signing off a day, and that is shifts that were left unbooked. This could’ve happened because the shift was actually left unbooked, and no one covered it. However, it may also have happened because, in the rush that always happens before big events, the booking was arranged with the staffer, but not recorded into Watu.

If that happens, the booking really needs to get recorded in Watu, otherwise, that staffer won’t get paid. For that reason, we let you know when we find an unbooked shift, and ask you to either book it, or acknowledge that it really was left unbooked, and there’s no one to pay for it.

This is a security measure to make sure no one goes unpaid by mistake.

We hope you find this handy, and we’re working hard to bring you the final step of this journey: using this information you approved to actually pay your staffers.

Until then, please do try to sign off as often as possible, and as always, we’d love to hear what you think about this, and all the features in Watu.

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