Shortlists Save You Time


Shortlists are designed to save you time.  When you create a job you’ll either have a set idea on the staff that you would like to book on the activity, or a set type of staffer that you would like to apply and book.  Shortlisting works for both.

Shortlists for Select Staff 

Once you’ve created the job, simply search for the specific staff that you would like to book, whether they be individuals, staff that have worked on similar activity or a specifically trained, and shortlist them to the job.   By including a message to the staffers, with full details on the activity that you have shortlisted them for, you make them aware of the opportunity and its particulars.  The resultant staff applications are pre qualified for availability and suitability and booking is faster and more accurate.

Shortlists for a Set Type of Staffer

You can shortlist roles types too.  After you’ve created the shift, search the for the role type you’re looking to book, choose the number of staff that you want to make aware of the opportunity and then shortlist them.  Once you’ve booked all the roles, you can mass decline all further applicants in one click, thanking them for applying and letting them know the job is fully booked.

Staff love the transparency, managers love the efficiency and agencies benefit from better engaged staff and more productive managers.

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