‘I have genuinely LOVED using Watu…’

Hi Guys

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that today is my last day at SW.  I have genuinely LOVED using Watu during my time here and can’t express how much time, effort and stress it has saved me.  It really is a fantastic resource.

Your team are all brilliant so please pass my thanks on to them for their patience and hard work when helping with any of my issues.  They’re awesome and should be super proud of what they’ve made.

Thank you again and hopefully I’ll be back on Watu in the near future.


Getting e-mails like this makes our day.  We love building a product that people spend 8 hours a day on and the opportunity that gives us to genuinely change peoples lives for the better in our own little way.

It turns out that Lucy wont be spending too long off of Watu, the company she’s moving to is now a customer of ours too.  We’re happy about that.

Would you like to see watu for yourself? We have a free trial version for you to play with! You can also see our tour page or examine the pricing structure.

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