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One of the coolest things about building an internet product is the feedback loop from our customers and the feeling that we’re building out a better product together.  After each deployment we wait with anticipation for the first batches of feedback that provide us with insight in to how our new release is affecting our customers.

User feedback is what drives product excellence, it defines whether the feature makes a true difference.  We measure ‘a true difference’ by whether it does one, or all, of three things:

  1. Save you time
  2. Make you more profitable
  3. Enhance your staffers experience with your agency

The value of feedback is greater to us when it is highlighting failings and missed opportunities within Watu rather than things we get right.  Positive feedback feels good, but negative (let’s call it constructive) feedback makes Watu better.  It’s much more valuable to us.

When logged in to Watu, you can see a ‘Support’ tab on the right hand side of the screen.  Each and every time you spot something that you think could be better, or that you think would be valuable for us to know, hit the Support tab.  It’s much better than e-mailing us.

What happens when you hit the Support button?

The power of the button is that it provides a link to the exact page that you’re proving feedback from, enabling our engineering team to see what you saw, and saving you the hassle of providing a screenshot or writing paragraphs of copy to ‘set the scene’.

So, hit that Submit button.  It’s gold dust for us and makes sure we’re building a better product for you.  Submit.

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