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You’re booking large numbers of staff, geographically dispersed over great distances on hundreds of projects through the year.  That’s a lot of variables to have to keep under control.  We realise that and so we’re working towards increasing due diligence across the booking process, giving your managers more information at their finger tips and giving you greater knowledge about what your staff intend to do whilst working for you.

One such power tool is the newly released booking confirmation feature.  By turning this feature on, you’ll be informed on whether your staff have confirmed the shift that you booked them on and intend to turn up, or whether they’ve decided to decline the booking since you booked them and wont be turning up.

That’s real knowledge, and knowledge is power after all.

Now when you book a staffer, if you have this feature turned on, the booking confirmation e-mail will contain 2 buttons for staffers to either Confirm that they accept the booking, or to Reject it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 16.32.33

While you’re waiting for this confirmation, you will see your booked staffers with a yellow sign, indicating that they haven’t confirmed yet.


And once they confirm or reject, they will show up in green or red, respectively.  As you can see in the screenshot below, Winona Ryder has confirmed that she will attend, Robin Williams has rejected his booking (so you should find someone else), and Ryan Gosling hasn’t confirmed yet.


We have also added a handy tool to help you when this happens, you can easily e-mail all the staffers that haven’t yet confirmed, to remind them to do so:


Finally, you will also get an e-mail if a staffers rejects, with an explanation on why they are rejecting, so that you can adjust their booking, or find a different staffer.








Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 17.17.17

But why would you have a feature that enables staffers to decline a shift so easily?

We ask why you wouldn’t?

Knowing that  a staffer wants to decline a shift is as important, if not more so, than knowing that they are committed to that shift.  By knowing that someone has double booked themselves or has been offered better paid work, gives you the luxury of time to replace them on the booking.  Furthermore, by making it part of the workflow, we’re able to measure the reliability of your staffers, eventually giving you exact data driven insight on to an individuals reliability score.  That is awesome.

If you would like to trial this new feature.  Let us know and we’ll switch it on for you.

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  1. This is a very nice feature! It can really help prevent miscommunications between the staffers and the manager. Staffers will have convenient options to confirm and reject the job and there will be relieving options for the managers. The people behind this features are brilliant and real experts!

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