Updated design = more power to our users.

We’ve just released a major design update that changes the way both managers and staffers interact with Watu on a daily basis.  The core functionality stays the same, but the infrastructure below that functionality has been painstakingly rebuilt to equip us with the technology, and the UI to move the Watu experience forward.

With the new interface in place, we can now start working on major upgrades across staffer and manager side.  This is what we’re going to be focussed on:

Staffer Side 

Up to this point, we’ve directed all of our developer energy on the manager side, building out the core feature set.  Despite this, we’ve had some really lovely feedback from staffers across the world using Watu to interact with their agencies.

We want to create a much richer experience for staffers, saving them time, keeping them better informed of job opportunities and bookings, and helping them administer things like pay and expenses more easily.  We think that that Watu should act as a virtual work PA for staffers.   Here’s a few things that we’re going to be focussing on building in the coming months:

  • Intelligent job notifications.  Watu should notify staffers about a job opportunity that would suit them.  Using their work history, average rate of pay, role experience, location.
  • Booking management. Watu is going to notify staffers automatically about updates to job bookings, team mates, traffic, giving the right information at the right time, all via mobile.
  • Finance admin.  We want to assist staffers with their budgeting, giving them forecasts on income each month, telling them when they have outstanding expenses and updating them on incoming pay.

This is the just the beginning of the updates as we look to create a brilliant, seamless interaction between staffers and managers.

Manager Side 

The core suite of features on Watu includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Job scheduling
  • Job market
  • Staff booking
  • Messaging (email & SMS)
  • Staff performance measurement
  • Portfolio creation
  • Expenses management
  • Gross payroll preparation

It’s pretty broad by any standards.  Now that we’ve laid down the core functionality, we’re ready to start enhancing all of the features and unleashing the power that exists within each of them.

The first two areas we’re going to focus on are Messaging and Scheduling.

We’ve just expanded the team to include another ex Googler, Vladimir, who is joining us full time in May and we also have the lovely Jess working with us on UX.  With this expanded team, we’ll be delivering upgrades faster and building a better Watu for you all.  Exciting times ahead.

Onwards and upwards!