Creating Your Perfect Staff Questionnaire

Do you relish the thought of a simple, streamlined recruitment process?

Free from the likes of ‘join-us@’ email addresses and the tedious process of reading CV’s in various formats, before saving them in the depths of your company files never to be found again. Not to mention the 50 (or is it 500?) “you forgot to send us 3 photos…no you can’t work before you are approved…we’ll email if you’ve been accepted…” back and forth messages. Time for a change.

Now, with Watu, you log on and check who is pending. Approve, decline. It’s all done in 1 click with your canned messages ready and waiting.

But before you reach this step, it’s worth putting thought into what recruitment questions you’ll be asking your registrants in their staff questionnaire.

Here are guidelines for creating your form:

Titles: These are what a manager will search for. For example, if you’re asking if your staff have tattoos, you would want your title to be ‘tattoos’.

Question: This is the exact question you will be asking your staff. For example ‘Do you have tattoos?’

Answer: This is the type of answer you’re after. For example, ‘yes / no’

Statement: Do you need to statement to explain the question first? For example ‘We ask if you have tattoos as some clients specifically request that staff do or do not have them.’

So, when explaining to our developers how you’d like your profile template form to look, remember to include a title, a question, an answer type and optionally, a statement.

And what available answer types are there?

  • yes / no (a staffer will select one of these)
  • multiple choice tick boxes
  • uploading a file
  • entering free text
  • selecting one answer from a drop-down of options

And finally, remember to let us know if the question is mandatory for staff to answer.

As for brainstorming what questions to ask, here are 5 points to consider:


Are you after a specific physical trait? Do you need to send a large variety of photos to clients? You can up the minimum requirement to ensure you have the resources you need, as well as staff members ready and willing to show all their different looks.

URL Links

If you’re after performance talent, you’ll want to see them in-action first. Inviting bands, MC’s, dancers and so on to add URLs of their videos will save you hours when it comes time to search – urgently, of course! – for your client’s Christmas party’s performing elves.

Tick Boxes

A simple yes/no tick box question can go a long way for managers. Ask your question: “Can you beatbox?” Let your applicant answer and when you get that call for a beat-boxer…and with brown hair, you say?

Search: “Hair: brown / beatboxer: yes” and rock on.


Some parts of Watu should be for the managers only. For example, while many of us out there may wish we were Angelina Jolie lookalikes, sometimes another party’s discretion is best used. Enter ‘Celebrity lookalike’ with answers of your choice and discreetly mark as internal. Think outside the box and apply to what suits your agency, be it security clearance or role experience.

You decide for which roles staff qualify

Document to sign and submit

If you have a few documents you’d like staff to read, sign and upload, here’s a suggestion: host the document as a hidden page on your website. Send us the link and we’ll provide it as well as a space to upload the final product. Bish bash bosh, done and dusted.

Being creative and thorough with your questionnaire will pay off in the long run. Save yourself hours of back and forth communications, last minute emails requesting information and trawling through your books searching for an appropriate employee. Instead, focus your searches and source the best results for your next event.

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