Transforming Your Search in Watu

Following on from how to make the ideal staff questionnaire, some of you brought up specific cases that could do with more detail. You asked, I’ve answered. Here are two features within Watu that can make the difference to your bookings by transforming your search:


Creating a Group or Shortlist of Staff to Search

What if you want to search your top 10 staff? Or search within only the specific group of people who have worked for a client before? If you want to create a searchable shortlist, here’s what to do:

  1. Email with the title and what answer options you’d like. For example: Dear Watu, I’d like a manager’s-only section called “Santa Clause Lookalike” and the answer options to be tick boxes ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 
  2. We’ll add that question in to the profile template but only visible to managers
  3. You select your staff members who are rather round and very friendly, hit ‘edit’ within their profiles and tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  4. Come Christmas season, type in ‘Santa Clause Lookalike: yes’ and receive focussed results

This is a really flexible feature and allows you to create all types of lists, groups, and searches. Answers aren’t limited to yes/no either – have multiple tick box answers, text answers, URL’s or even files to upload. Just remember that it takes our developers a day or two to make these changes within your system.


How do Internal Roles Work?

This is a really connected feature within Watu and can change the way you book staff. Again, a step-by-step guide keeps things simple:

  1. Within the feature ‘Roles’, choose to add the roles that suit your business
  2. Select the appropriate staff member, hit edit and select the roles that you know they are appropriate for
  3. Searching for staff? Enter the role name to focus on that group. Advertising to staff? You have the option to advertise ONLY to those people whose included roles match that of the shift you’re advertising. Just look for the little tick box in your advert
  4. After a job, you’ll also have the option to automatically add that role to a person’s profile

Again, these roles are only visible to managers so it’s a way to quietly control which staff are suitable for specific jobs. And even better, ‘Roles’ is completely within your management so any changes you make are instant.


Best of all, these changes can be made whenever you want, for free. Either individually, or working with both these features, provides you with a more powerful search and focus for your jobs, ensuring you find the most ideal match for what your clients are asking for.

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