Recruiting University Staff

Fun, flexible work requires employees who match the job description. Universities are a fantastic source of temporary staff, keen for non-rigid schedules and with enthusiasm to boot, students fit the promo model brilliantly.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″]So, how exactly do you go about recruiting university staff?[/custom_headline]

First let’s think about what they want:

  • To represent cool, fun brands. When advertising to students, think carefully which clients you’ll want to splash about campus to attract a keen eye
  • University classes can happen at odd times, any day of the week. Trying to find work that fits in nicely with that type of schedule is – simply put – a pain in the butt. Promotional jobs offer various days, times and roles to suit each type of person and schedule, so remember to shout out loud that you’re offering shifts that will suit their schedules.
  • What happens when the studying ends and it’s time to get a job? Consider offering an Event Management scheme through which graduates with a great track record (you can always check their sign off score with Watu) receive additional training followed swiftly by management experience, not to mention great pay.
  • Set up internship opportunities with clients for your top BA’s or EM’s to win spots with. Nothing says ‘awesome agency’ like providing an internship at a company like Red Bull or Innocent.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″]Now how do you go about relaying this info to them?[/custom_headline]

  • Student ambassadors are a fantastic way to spread the word, with an inside position in clubs, closed groups and wide social circles; an agency rep can grow your books quickly and with great quality employees. Not only that, but they can keep you up-to-date with fresher’s fairs and other relevant activities which you’ll want to be there for.
  • Be active on social media by engaging, connecting, sharing, liking and +1ing – whatever it is, your agency name will be spreading through the booming communication between managers and staff
  • Have a clear website with a dedicated staff section and a simple sign up process. Your staff are crucial to your business’ success, so show them that they matter. Include staff testimonials, client names and relevant info on the staff page to keep them informed, engaged, and enthusiastically signing up. Already signed up with Watu? Link your Watu URL to your registration button for a clean and clear way for staff to register and sign in.

The key with recruiting students is to put yourself in their shoes and think through their priorities. In the short term things like the fun-factor, meeting other like-minded people and flexibility may rank highly, but help them to consider beyond these by providing longer term opportunities. Internships, summer placements, training, various experience and added qualifications will soon become valuable as the uni days come to a close and finding steady work is on everyones’ mind.

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