Feature Release: Holiday Pay | How to opt in

We’re so pleased to be presenting to you the much anticipated holiday pay feature for UK clients! It’s been in the making for some time and offers the opportunity to bring your agency in line with HMRC requirements.

In case you would like a refresher, here is the basis behind creating the feature.

Whether or not you plan to opt-in, there are changes that will affect all UK accounts so please read through to the end.

Release Date: 12th February (Sunday)
What’s happening: You may opt-in to holiday pay

The Holiday Pay feature:

  • The main goal of adding this feature is to display the difference at the time of booking between wage and holiday pay. This is simple enough – in theory – but it has a few knock-on effects including:
    When staffers see a new job following your opt-in, they will not only see the wage entered by you. Instead, they will see it split into “base pay” and “holiday pay”
  • The split will be calculated automatically by the software and will take holiday pay from the total you want to pay. Example: if you want to pay the staff member £100 total for the day, you will still enter £100 from which the software will calculate the percentage of holiday pay. Therefore, it will display the wage as less than £100 + holiday pay to the staff member
  • Subsistence, bonus and taxable adjustments will be included as wage. Holiday pay will be calculated from this wage total.
  • Once you opt-in and the feature is live, every job you create after that will have Holiday Pay. New shifts added to existing jobs will not, however. This is only for new jobs created after Holiday Pay is turned on for you.
  • There are changes to the payroll export for those who opt-in and those who opt-out. Please read these changes or send them on to your accountant

What’s next?

If you would like holiday pay activated in your account, please email info@watuapp.com to confirm. If you do not want this feature to go live, you don’t need to take any action as we will assume you don’t want it. You may opt-in at any point further down the road.

A bonus update…

We made one more small change which will be released on Sunday 12th along with Holiday Pay. When sending booking emails, if the shifts have different times and breaks, there will not be a summary at the top of the email. Instead, each shift will be listed individually for better clarity.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments so please do comment or get in touch via info@watuapp.com if you would like to discuss the feature.

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