Feature Proposal: Faster, easier payroll

Payroll is a fantastic feature of Watu, allowing agencies to have the confidence they are always paying staff, and never double-paying shifts, but we realise it’s a bit disjointed at the moment.

Currently, agencies do the following:

  • Run exports for PAYE staff wages
  • Run exports for PAYE staff expenses
  • Log invoices for Self-employed staff
  • Export payroll batches for Self-employed staff

The exports created contain valuable data but the process to export them needed some revisiting, so we have a new proposal: all the exports, in one sheet, and no more logging self-employed invoices.

How will it look?

Sometimes features are best explained with images. Here is how new payroll could look:

image of payroll for watu staff
Proposed payroll change

So what would change?

  • Self-employed staff: You would no longer have to mark each invoice received. Instead, signing off would confirm the wages and you would be able to run the export immediately based on the date of the shifts
  • One export, not 3: You would be able to run the export for PAYE wages, PAYE expenses, and Self-employed payments all at the same time into one document (maintaining the relevant columns for each)
  • Toggles: The ability to toggle before exporting, choosing between exporting expenses, PAYE wages, or self-employed payments – or all three

Let us know what you think:

How we rebuild this feature will depend on your feedback, so let us know! Is this a time-saving move forward for your agency? Or is there a change that will leave you short of data? Let us know by emailing us at info@watuapp.com and sharing your thoughts.

2 Replies to “Feature Proposal: Faster, easier payroll”

  1. Feature Proposal: Faster, easier payroll

    It would be Ok as long as not selecting a staff member for payment will not affect the payment of the rest of the staff members on that shift.



    1. Hi Dionne thanks for your comment. The current set up of selecting by job, and not per staff member, would still exist. So you would have the option to run PAYE wages/Self-employed wages/Expenses all into one document, rather than three. But the more detailed toggles (per job) would still exist as they are.

      Also, the second big change would be not having to click ‘new invoice received’ for each self-employed staff member. You would have the option to pay them directly straight after signing the shift off, much like PAYE staff. Do you have any value in logging each invoice, or is that an unnecessary step?

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