Watu is merging with Liveforce

Watu is closing and merging with Liveforce

The team would like to announce that Watu is merging with Liveforce, and will be closing up shop by the end of December 2019. Let us first use this opportunity to thank you for your belief in our little team and our vision on what a staffing platform should offer in terms of value.

Over time, Watu pioneered features like the job market, making it a fair playing field for staff and eradicating booker favouritism as well as vastly reducing the cost of searching for staff for large jobs.  We made it possible for agencies to verify whether their booking confirmations had been read, and for staff to have work records build and their work performances be noticed and celebrated. We digitalised expenses, dramatically reduced down the labour requirement and margin of error on payroll, made messaging, both email and sms an easy, integrated feature amongst many other features.

Beyond the features, we realised the key to our version of success was to be a good company, happy to listen to your feedback, take it on board, keep you informed honestly, and maintain a happy relationship.  

Now that Watu will be wrapping up business, we decided that we needed to find a company with the same product vision as us, the same level of excitement for what can be built and a team that we liked.  Good people who will be able to build great product for you. Well, we found them in Mark and Greg at Liveforce.

Having flirted with each other for about 8 months, we put pen to paper and are super excited about the future of the Liveforce platform, and the value add it will bring to your business.  Watu as a brand will be put to rest at the end of October, when our service will cease to exist and all of our customers, if you so wish, will be up and running on LiveForce.

In the meantime, we’re going to show those of you who haven’t seen the platform, all its bells and whistles, share case studies of happy customers that have moved across already, speak to Phil at Mash Staffing to share his excitement to be moving across and generally hold your hand as you migrate.

Greg from Liveforce will be reaching out to you with the full programme and you can rest assured, Watu will be running, business as usual, for the next 6 months as we finalise the merge. For a quick glance at frequently asked questions and answers, please have a look here.

We’re stoked to be here, to have achieved this result, and believe that this is the right move for us, for you and your staff.  We look forward to watching you flourish on the new platform, as Liveforce.

With sincere gratitude,

Julian, Pablo, Daniel and Amanda. Watu