Why Mash Staffing are choosing Liveforce

In light of the upcoming closure of Watu, today we’ve handed over the microphone to Davinia Day who is the Client Operations Director at Mash Staffing, who have been one of our longest standing clients. We wanted to hear why they chose Liveforce and how they’ll be tackling the transition…

Watu: You’ve been with Watu since its early days. How do you feel about wrapping it up and moving on to another platform?


Our time with Watu has been great – it has helped the team to become more efficient and introduced the idea of staff going online to apply for jobs; an industry standard these days, but a revolutionary idea just a few years back! Over time though, as the industry and technology advanced, our needs started to outgrow the platform.

And so, the transition to Liveforce brings with it fresh opportunities and a chance for us to use and contribute to a platform with new eyes and years of experience navigating technology platforms. It’s always daunting to tackle a change as big as this, but we’re feeling excited to take this step forward to be able to propel the business forward.

Watu: What made you choose Liveforce as your staffing platform? 


We reviewed and had demonstrations with a few platforms to check the market, but as soon as we spoke with the Liveforce team, our answer was obvious.

In addition to having software with modern features that are easy to use, the friendliness and flexibility of the team won us over. Since the initial discussions, the Liveforce team have been quick to respond, open to discussions, and most importantly, have followed through with the changes and new features that had been agreed upon. 

Watu: Which features in particular are you looking forward to using?


For our field staff, having a single app login will be a huge benefit. Now they’ll have a single application where they can see their entire schedule from all agencies in one place. Not only does it simplify their lives, but consequentially, they will be better organised reducing the chances for confusion between jobs, double bookings, and resulting in fewer queries coming in to the office team. A single login was the most requested feature from field staff during our time with Watu, so being able to deliver it means a lot in terms of what we can give back to the team.

As for the Mash managers, we have plenty to be looking forward to! Most specifically, having GPS check in has been on our staffing-platform wishlist for years; having this feature gives us peace of mind not to mention reducing time spent on communications each day of a live shift significantly. And of course, this translates into less hand-holding from our management team, and more time to focus on what matters.

What’s more, the job build is as easy as copy-paste. Considering how complex many jobs can be, with different shift times, location, roles, etc, the team will be saving hours per build – especially as when it comes to the inevitable changes that will have to be made to the schedule. 

Watu: How are you preparing field staff for the transition?


The transition looks to be seamless, as Liveforce are taking care of moving our data into their platform. Our staff will receive a notification one month prior, followed by plenty of guidance, support and training videos through regular communications. Liveforce themselves have created a lot of the training material, so it’s just a matter of sending the videos through.

Saying that, the app and interface are also very intuitive so once staff are aware of the change, they’ll be up and running swiftly.

Watu: What’s your working dynamic like with Liveforce?


This is actually at the core of the relationship between Mash Staffing and Liveforce. The team have been so supportive – any question or concern has been addressed immediately, and the guys are always open to conversations and suggestions regarding different features. In fact, we’ve already added a few requests to the 2019/2020 pipeline which are in the works or have even been delivered already.

Once we’re completely up and running on the platform, we’ll continue the conversations through their customer chat feature which is priceless for quick answers and being able to move forward with day-to-day tasks. 

Having worked in the industry themselves as well as spending many months consulting with various agencies, the Liveforce team understand the pain points of staffing agencies and prepared themselves ahead of time. For example, our accounts team will receive specialised training prior to running any payroll and when payday does come, Liveforce will jump online with us and hand-hold us through the process. 

They have a willingness to help and attention to detail which is incomparable. 

Watu: How do you see the relationship and platform developing long-term?


In the future, apart from regular feature releases, we’re particularly looking forward to a reporting integration as this will save our team an enormous amount of time – everything from communications to data collection and reporting is online these days, so technology plays a crucial role in automation and its associated time-saving benefits. 

What’s more, we’re honoured to play a role in helping with Liveforce’s path forward and future development. Both teams have an opportunity to lead and support each other, not to mention enjoy the bright personalities and friendly partnership along the way!

The Watu team wish Mash and Liveforce all the best in their new partnership. For more information on transitioning from Watu to Liveforce, reach out to use anytime via info@watuapp.com  

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