New Feature: Adding notes to a job

image of post it notes by michal grosicki for watu job notes

In the evolution from paper to computer, we’ve waved goodbye to paper notes, paper letters, sometimes even paper books. It’s virtual freedom from piles of notes on our desks…except for those pesky post-it’s which have stuck around – till now.

We’ve added a new feature which welcomes managers to leave notes within a job. Here’s how it works, in video:

In summary, managers can click to add notes in the top right of the job build page. Notes can be added and tracked per manager, as well as deleted.


Searching on notes

In all systems that handle information, once you have enough information, there’s only one way to handle it: search. We, humans, are handling more and more information every day. Today we couldn’t think of a mailbox that doesn’t support an amazing search system, yet before Gmail, that was the norm.

After we released notes, I wasn’t really surprised we got the question: can we search on notes? Yes, you can now search on notes:

Notice that it’s the same staffer search you already used thousands of times. At Watu we are working hard to not only make search possible, but also easy and intuitive. We have several exciting new improvements coming soon. Stay tuned!

Keeping tabs on your staff performance

Monitoring your staffer performance is a fundamental part of being a great staffing agency. After all, if you aren’t able to monitor the performance of your staff, keep up to date with their experience history, you’re essentially taking the same risk as putting new staffers on the field each time.

As part of this focus, this week we’ve released an update on notes and added a new staffer state. As before, you can create a note against any staffer, but now this has been enhanced so that you can now create a warning note:

By marking a note as a WARNING, the note is framed in red and remains stuck to the top of the staffers notes board so that any managers reviewing the staffer profile are aware of the note and who to discuss the note with.  We also include a WARNING below the staffers photo and contact details so that it is clear, regardless of which part of their profile you are in.

If the numerous notes and warnings have not resulted in an improvement in the staffers conduct, you can SUSPEND that staffer:

You do it simply clicking the ‘Suspend’ button above their profile. If that suspension results in a new and improved Karen, you can reset her status by simply clicking the ‘Mark as pending’ button and then re-accepting her. This can also be used if you accidentally approve or reject a staffer too.

Small improvements for Notes and Photos

Two new small but very handy improvements today!

We’ve been hearing your feedback and are making it easy to see a staffer’s photos and notes.

As you can see, the profile page looks quite different today. At a glance now, you can see that Andy has 4 notes added by managers.
Let’s take a look:

You now also have direct access to all the photo albums:

And easy navigation between the photos of each album, to be able to check all photos much faster

That’s all for now! Like I said, short, but hopefully this will save you some time when evaluating staffers

Notes and profile picture cropping

We released two features today, notes and profile picture cropping; both on the manager side of the application.

Notes can now be found below the profile of a staffer:

You just go ahead and type your note:

and when you hit “CREATE NOTE”, it’s saved:

Notes are private, only managers can view them. The manager that created the note can also edit it:

Sometimes the profile pictures are not cropped in the most useful manner, like Chris Pine did here:

Let’s look at it in detail:

That’s certainly a beautiful eye Chris, but the rest is also pretty. Let’s see it! From today, if you click in that image, you’ll get the cropping tool:

where you can improve the section of the profile picture that is going to be shown:

and then just save:

Much better: