Your Staffers’ Top 4 Questions

I love my job

i_heart_my_jobI’m Watu’s Customer Happiness rep which means you guys mean everything to me. Well – almost everything. I also have to take into account all your staffers, which is a mere 25,000 or so people. With direct access to support, your staff can send us their questions without you playing the middleman. If you’re picturing us trawling through thousands of staff questions, don’t worry; Watu’s friendly interface means queries come through one-by-one, every now and then.

But, what are the most common staff questions? Here are the top 4 queries staff ask about working for you:

  1. When will I get paid?
  2. How long does it take to approve me once I’ve registered?
  3. When will you approve/decline me after applying to a job?
  4. How can I make my application or profile more appealing?

These are questions that I can’t answer on your behalf, but I can provide suggestions of how to tackle these before staffers are left wondering:

  • Make use of your message templates: Within settings -> message templates you have the option to edit all the messages that go out to staff. Tackle the above queries by inserting information in “Message sent on Registration” so you answer before they ask
  • Check out your profile template questions (settings -> profile template) to ensure you’re asking everything you need of the staffer. Provide areas for staff to upload files, insert URL’s of showreels, and more
  • Promptly decline applications if you know a staffer has not been chosen. We recommend ticking the message box so they’re notified that they have been rejected for a booking

Using these solutions, your staffers will have an even better experience working with your agency thanks to efficient and transparent communication. And as we all know, happy staff become loyal staff.

Inviting staffers to a job

A wonderful new version of jobs is in the pipeline and some of you have seen it and fallen in love with it. We are working around the clock to release it, but in the meantime, we are also improving the current version of jobs that you are already using in Watu. You might be asking yourself, didn’t you already have a feature to invite staffers to a job?

Yes, we did have that feature, but our user studies showed that there was room for improvement. Thinking out of the box we were able to develop a more intuitive version of that feature. If you go the usual messaging window, you’ll now notice a new option:

From the template chooser you can now select to “Invite a staffer to a job”. If you do that, you’ll be asked to pick a job:

This will also change the contents of the message itself to use the invite-to-job template which, as you can see, will include a lot of information about the job:

We hope that in the future, as we add more features to Watu, there will be more options in there. Stay tuned!

Messaging staffers when changing their state

We recently introduced a new state for staffers called “suspended” as well as a button to reset the state back to pending if necessary. Today way are bringing you two new improvements to the handling of staffers’ states. The first one is a more complete menu when looking at staffers:

That’s all the different states we have, and since we have exporting capabilities in those pages, you can download those lists and do any processing you want with any tool.

The second improvement we just released is much more important. Every time you now accept, reject or suspend a user, instead of Watu just sending them an automatic email, you’ll get the usual messaging window that allows you to send an email, an sms, both or neither:

It also allows you to edit the message before it goes out, so you can tailor it to a specific individual if you want. If you find yourself changing the messages over and over again in the same way, remember that you can edit the template by going to the Template section in Watu.