‘I have genuinely LOVED using Watu…’

Hi Guys

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that today is my last day at SW.  I have genuinely LOVED using Watu during my time here and can’t express how much time, effort and stress it has saved me.  It really is a fantastic resource.

Your team are all brilliant so please pass my thanks on to them for their patience and hard work when helping with any of my issues.  They’re awesome and should be super proud of what they’ve made.

Thank you again and hopefully I’ll be back on Watu in the near future.


Getting e-mails like this makes our day.  We love building a product that people spend 8 hours a day on and the opportunity that gives us to genuinely change peoples lives for the better in our own little way.

It turns out that Lucy wont be spending too long off of Watu, the company she’s moving to is now a customer of ours too.  We’re happy about that.

Would you like to see watu for yourself? We have a free trial version for you to play with! You can also see our tour page or examine the pricing structure.

Happy Customers

Kim Levine, a director of Hels Angels, an excellent promotional staffing agency, recently sat with us to discuss the impact of watu on her business.  The purpose of our chat was to give some insight into the type of customers we work with, both in terms of industry and size, as well as get some feedback on the value that watu is adding to her team and the overall business.

1. What does your business specialise in?

We activate Brand to Consumer promotional activity.  We specialise in both promotional and hospitality staffing, alongside campaign implementation services.  Roles include Event Managers, Brand Ambassadors, Character Staff, Mixologists, Bar Staff, Waiting Staff etc

2. How big is your team?

We have around around 1,000 Angels working in the field, and 10-14 staff in the office depending on the time of the year.

3. How many staff do you book each year on projects?

We book around 7,000 staff days per year.

4. What software solutions did you consider?

We found the options to be very limited.  The other products on the market that came closest to satisfying our requirements were systems built for the recruitment industry, which meant that they did not really have the functionality we required.  This is why we eventually chose to build our own database which was proving to be really expensive, time consuming and frustrating.

We totally underestimated the resource requirement to build a system that works and quickly realised that we were going to build something that quickly became inadequate.  The process made us very aware that we wanted a system that would develop over time, in line with our particular work flows, something that would easily scale as our business grew and that didn’t require immense financial and human capital investment to get all the functionality that we were after.

5. Why did you decide to work with Watu?

We chose watu for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it was the most cost effective option for a business of our size.  There were no set up costs, no long term contracts and we could switch licences on or off depending on how busy we are.  We met with the team too and their background in our industry meant that they knew our problems instinctively.  They are really ambitious, like us, and we knew they would grow alongside us.

6. What system of infrastructure have you migrated from?
We were running the bookings through excel.  In fact, everything from recruitment through to booking and payroll was all managed through excel.  It was very time consuming.
7. What benefits does watu bring to your business?
Efficiency, time saving, centralising of information with easy access for all managers.  Easy access for staffers in terms of update of their profiles and jobs board.  Professional staff facing application.
8. What would you list as key features on watu?
Search function, messaging, photo and video upload, postcode search, jobs board, staff history (including messaging, job feedback, grievances etc).  We can’t wait for the availability function which is going to change our lives!
9. Has the team adapted well to watu?
The team has adapted extremely well to the search and messaging functions which are intuitive and time-saving, and even though building jobs and having a job market are completely new to us, we’ve taken to it well and are booking jobs much, much quicker.  The system is flexible enough to allow us to integrate the best of our processes with the improvements that Watu can offer and it’s made us a better team as a result.  Not to mention the ease of payroll!
10. Who would you recommend watu to and why? 
I would recommend Watu to any business that manages teams of people.  It can be used to store profile information, communicate with teams and individuals easily, allocate/book people to jobs/shifts/events, manage payroll etc.   It is a flexible system that I think would suit small or large agencies and certainly has the ability to grow with a business.  We’re loving it!

Watu makes staff managers jobs easier

Yesterday I ran a training session with one of our early customers, StaffWarehouse, a staffing agency in the promotional staffing industry in the UK.  Up until the introduction of Watu, StaffWarehouse had been using a recruitment industry software, a software that cost £4000 to set up and hundreds of pounds per month to subscribe to.

I asked Hailey how she felt about Watu and here’s what she had to say:

Thank you for coming over yesterday, I found the meeting very constructive as it was a fantastic opportunity to get an overview of the system and learn about your motivations for building it.

Having worked in the staffing industry for two and a half years and used 3 other databases, I have had my fair share of what I call ‘phone-bashing’ in a desperate attempt to book a job. After just 2 weeks of using Watu, I can see that my ‘phone-bashing’ days are limited as Watu has staff apply for the shifts they’re available for and I just choose the best!

The obvious difference for me, is that Watu is built for staffing managers, not built as a database for account managers and manipulated for staffing!  Similarly, each job has its own staffing challenges and Watu is obviously interested in addressing the most important challenges. I’d recommend the system to any staffing agency interested in booking the best staff and doing so as time efficiently as possible

We’re stoked that Watu is making such a big impact in their business and that we’re building a solution that makes staff managers jobs easier and more fun.

Watch watu in action.

New Feature: Job Market

Our first version of Job Market, a feature that will bring significant benefits to both staffers and managers within staffing agencies, has just been deployed.

So, why is a Job Market interesting for a temporary staffing agency?

Job Market for the Staffer

We recently completed a survey with promotional staff in the UK and Australia, asking them what they liked about the job market feature.  These were the main benefits as listed by active promotional staff:

‘Bookers in agencies tend to habitually book the same people, a job market has given me the opportunity to apply for all available jobs and exposed me more to the bookers’

  1. ‘I LOVE the transparency and the democratic application for work.  I apply for jobs that I want to do and those that I think I would be great at, it’s so much better than just being called with any type of work’
  2. ‘Hopefully the bookers can see which jobs I like to work on, and those I don’t, so that I don’t waste their time saying no to work’
  3. ‘I love being able to search for jobs within my area and would like to be able to look for work on my mobile when I’m free’
  4. ‘I feel like my agency is doing it’s best to find me work and I can see when jobs are suitable for me.  I no longer feel like I’m not being called’

Job Market for the Manager/Staffing Agency

The benefits of the job market for the agency itself are significant.  They include:

  1. Saving time: By scheduling a job and then publishing it to the market, staff apply for work, removing the need for managers to actively call/sms/e-mail staff for activity.  Managers can simply log in, review the staffer applications, approve the staff they want and book the job.
  2. Booking the best staff: Staff realise that they are competing for work and subsequently provide thorough applications including their motivation to work on the job, their relevant experience and their availability.  It is very obvious through staffer applications who to book.
  3. Less drop outs and late arrivals: The motivation of staff changes when they have applied for work rather than just being called and booked.  Having applied for a job, they are more committed.
  4. Greater database turnover: The job market ensures that managers aren’t booking the same staff over and over again.  The benefits of this are huge as you increase the experience of your staffers, learn more about your staff, understand which areas/skill sets you need to do recruitment, create greater brand advocacy as more staff are working for your agency brand.
  5. Saving money: By reducing down outbound booking, watu helps reduce time (phone calls and e-mails) and running costs (phone and SMS).

We will be reviewing usage and providing tips and ideas on how to best utilise Job Market in our upcoming newsletter.

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